TuBika , formally known as AmBika from MI

What is AMBIKA?

Ambika is a 6 voice polyphonic synthesizer with one ARP and a step sequencer for EACH !! Voice. Each voice has 2 oscillators and 1 sub oscillator with 36 waveforms and wavetables,

3 ADSR, filter, LFO'S 4 and 14 times the modulation matrix.

Various oscillator modulations are also possible. Ring distortion and more.It brings a rich sound, and has single and main outputs. The patches can be stored on an SD / SDHC card and with full recall on all ever changing sounds.

Ambika works with DOC‘s but each DCO had an analoge filterboard.

What is possible with AMBIKA ? Wavetable, ringmodulation, multi and mono mode, Modulations matrix and much more.

inbuild Stepper, inbuild ARP , analoge sounding. DIY friendly , yes you can build your own synth

In mono MIDI MODE I can about 6 outputs each voice assign a different sound and it is even possible to provide each voice with another filter (hardware)!

The oscillator section is digital, filter and VCA's analog. And just the filter make a beautiful sound.

Question ?, just phone  or email us.

02368 57164

AMBIKA Synthesizer analog

6 Voices  polyphon

TuBika full build, six voicecards

art in electronics

100% soldering

You have build AMBIKA (Tub-Bika) and  nothing works ?

We offer a repair service for this instrument.

Now with a software controller

PC only: we add it on each

Tub-Bika KIT

Minimum : MOBO, and one voicard

NEWS: MI stops the AMBIKA line in 2015. But TubeOhm keeps AMBIKA alive . The new Name is Tub-Bika. We offer the service, customer support, same quality of kits, and all under CC-BY-SA license.

In plan also new soundcards like SMR-5 with additional PB and HP.

next available: komplete Tub-Bika Kits, single voicecard kits , cases made of metal or plex

Next on Feel free to contact us.

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On the build it page you get all informations and files, schematics, instructions  you need to build the

TuBika synthesizer. Feel free to come in