TubeOhm PURE-Pten V1.5

TubeOhm PURE-PtenV 1.6 is here

PURE-Pten  for WIN XP /Vista /7

NEWS in V 1.6 :

we have build in a Patch and Bank Browser.

Pure-PtenV1.6 contains now three komplete soundbanks

with 384 Sounds.

The Pure-Pten  Synthesizer is a virtual analog synthesizer.


FM, SYNC  and RING modulation in connection with the super wave oscillator gives you that phat sound.

2 x modulations matrixes, a 12/24dB multimode filter and a delay/chorus unit takes sound design to the next level.

The Update is free for all registered P-Pten User !

For CU 64/Win 64 we recommend the J-BRIDGE.

Product video / sounds

System requirements:    please check out the DEMO before you buy this product.

  1. -   VST host program

  1. 1.-   Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7  

  2. 2.-   ASIO Sound-card

  3. 3.-   CPU up to 2GHz single/dual/quad core

Pure-Pten V 1.50 features

  1. 1.-  three oscillators

  2. 2.-  FM, RING, SYNC

  3. 3.-  super wave oscillator

  4. 4.-  12/24dB LP/HP/BP multimode filter

  5. 5.-  2 x LFO‘s

  6. 6.-  VCA / VCF ADSR

-   arpeggiator

  1. 1.-  effects unit with delay, chorus 

  2. 2.-  soft distortion

  3. 3.-  midi learn

Works with VST HOST programs for WINDOWS

Download DEMO
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59 € regular price


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