PHASEWAVE-phase distortion synthesizer

Phasewave, a  new phase distortion synthesizer


phase distortion synthesis

true stereo

two LFO‘s, monophon-polyphon

MIDI learn  for all important functions

10 voices poly

2 x ARP‘s

Chorus , delay, reverb

normal and expert mode for (multi stage) envelopes

3 GUI colors

128 sound templates

standalone version (savihost)


only for windows 32/64 bit

We offer you next a free, full working

mono version ,Mono-Phasewave‘

include 64 patches.

Phasewave (phase distortion synthesis)V 1.22

Phasewave,  effects and double ARP‘s

Phasewave, what is new.

In the beginning of 1984  the PHASE-DISTORTION  was very new and very complex to use.

The sound is  sometimes digital  and also sometimes analoge, but not to compare with VA or FM synths.

PD had  it‘s own character.

To simplify the PD programming , we implement six standart ADSR and  additional six multistage envelopes for special sound modulations.

The goal was  not, to make a synth for all  sounds.

No, the goal ist o bring you the PD synthesis with its  new sounds near. And  it sounds not like other synths .   

Get new experience, dive into PD sounds.

Next on

Soundexample on SOUNDCLOUD  1:)
Soundexample on SOUNDCLOUD  2:)
Soundexample on SOUNDCLOUD  3:)

three skins

Phasewave, DCO wave select

6 normal ADSR envelopes, or in expert mode  six  multistage envelopes

two LFO, BPM tempo synced plus a mod LFO

DWC FM modulation and

Panorama modulation

dual ARP 

Demo video on youtube


3rth party soundbank from

Systen requirements:

ASIO soundcard, MIDI keyboard

Works fine on all 32 bit hosts.

Works with   Ableton, Cubase 5,6,FL, Reaper

Win 64  and Cubase 64.

In Cubase 64 Phasewave needs the J-BRIDGE

Before you buy feel free to test the Phasewavedemo


click here-----      

------click here      

Extract the installer and execute it in ADMIN MODE(WIN7/8-64)

Limitations: dropouts, some sounds double.

Cubase 64 needs the J-Bridge


Phasewave PRICE 49€ for TubeOhm user inc EU tax

Phasewave PRICE 59€ - first instrument from TubeOhm inc EU tax               

Soundexample on SOUNDCLOUD  4:)

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------click here      

but poly makes more fun     

no limitations, monophon 64 sounds    

NEW: PHASEWAVE SECOND SOUNDBANK  PRICE 14,95€ inc EU tax               

DOWNLOAD  free Soundbank1 , all versionsPhasewave_files/

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DOWNLOAD  free Soundbank2 , all versionsPhasewave_files/

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Soundbank 2 from , alter boy